Life at 20'

life at 30'


Fast food all the time

Homecooked meals


Is not a problem

Becomes a problem


Party and drinking

Staying in, watching TV

Spending money

Spending money on everything
without thinking

Mostly on bills, a part of it to savings and the remaining amount spent wisely


You care about
others' opinions

You feel confident with
yourself and your decisions

Fewer friends

Lots of them

Fewer but for life


basically, we grow up


Our priorities change. We value more the things we can't buy, we feel the need of these things.Also, we get wiser with age. Not necessarily that we will know all the answers in the world, but we will have enough self-knowledge to keep our lives in control.


our metabolism gets
dwindled with age


Metabolism is the complex biological process our bodies perform to turn the calories we eat and drink into energy.As we age we also lose muscle mass, which alters how much energy our bodies burn. At this point building muscle becomes non-negotiable.Exercising should be present in our lives at all times. But as we get through 30 our body starts losing muscle naturally.To combat this and keep your metabolism accelerated, you really have to turn to strength training.Researches have shown that weight lifting gives your metabolism the biggest boost. So those who strength train will put less fat on as they age than those who are cardio exercising.

Low quantity
High quality

High quantity
low quality

Phisycal changes

Mentality changes