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Improve your chances by '''planning for emergency situations''' in advance. The ''process'' of identifying risks can reveal gaps in normal operations. Close them before anything happens to reduce your exposure to risk. Keywords: business organization, business management, business analysis, milestones, organization risks, plan for emergency situations

Business continuity plan template

Business continuity plan template

Use this business continuity plan template to identify risks and improve your chances of success.

There are different types of risks: staff risk, physical risk, IT risk, operations risk, legal/financial risk, PR risk, etc. Try to understand their impact and to find ways of detection, recovery, and prevention.

Add your team member’s name in the template, ensuring that you have representation for many departments.

Choose a critical staff member. He should be prepared with recovery strategies in case of a major incident.

Add a core service or function and a critical supplier.

Add a communication audience to whom you will communicate your plan in case they will need to take action.

Think about ways to train your employees in order to be prepared in case an incident occurs.

Add a milestone for your business continuity plan.

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