Employee performance evaluation - Mind Map

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An employee performance review, also known as a performance evaluation is a formal assessment of an employee's work in a given time period.

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Employee performance evaluation

Employee performance review template

Use this performance review template to help your employees better understand their strong points and improve their work.

Start by adding general information about the employee so you have a better view of the whole situation. Think about the employee’s work and add the entire work process to the map.

Collect the tools the employee is managing and review his/her performance using those tools.

Ask the employee what is his/her opinion regarding his/her role in the company and in the team and to rate the work he has done so far. Ask about his/her future plans and about the way he thinks could improve his performance and the performance of his/her whole team.

Besides this, don’t forget to always show your support to employees and offer them constructive feedback so they can improve their performance every day.

Performance Review

The intention of a performance review is improvement, coaching and guidance. It will help your employees to better understand their strong points and use them in relation with their abilities.

Review conclusion

Summarize your performance review meeting!
Your conclusions can be reused as a starting point for a future performance review.


Open Questions

Open questions - Aim for performance reviews with open questions at the end. This will help employees to continue to grow, develop and contribute.

Where do you think you need to develop as a member of the team?
How would you rate your work in the past 3 months?
Where do you see yourself in 2 years?

Plan and Organization

Show your support for your employees, reassure them that they're capable of managing all the responsabilities that falls on them. Also, give your tips and recommendations for improvement.

Tips for improvement

Communication & Collaboration


Though the feedback mostly focuses on past performance, you should take your conversation to a future oriented perspective.


People do want feedback, however, all the formalities make it difficult to receive or give feedback. That is why it is important to give feedback along in the way.


System/Tool 2
System/Tool 1

Choose from the options below according to the employee's competence.



Map the entire process to get everyone on the same page.


Review of Work

The preparation is key! Never go into a performance review without preparation.

Write here the employee's work info.

Quantity of work
Quality of work
Planned vs. Completed

Review Info

Add here the info of the employee you are having the performance review meeting with.

Submitted by
Evaluation period
Job Position
Employee name