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Use this mind map as a step-by-step guide on how to create a cover letter that will get you noticed by the hiring manager. Keywords: personal life, cover letter, hiring preparation, job application, job hunting

Cover letter template

Cover letter template

Use this cover letter template to prepare yourself to apply for jobs by writing a cover letter. Il will also help you prepare for interviews, thinking of in detail your accomplishments, your key competencies, examples of the work performed.

You will find useful examples that you can use for the salutation and the formal closing.

Make sure your cover letter is not too long but contains all the important information. A page with three paragraphs would be sufficient.

You can divide your letter into 8 parts, according to the template:



Opening Paragraph

Second Paragraph

Third Paragraph

Closing Paragraph

Formal Closing

Post Script

In the heading, you should add your contact information, name and title of the hiring manager, your professional title, name of the company, your address, and links to your professional websites or social media accounts.

Then write a salutation. Don’t start a cover letter with 'Dear Sir or Madam.' or 'To Whom It May Concern'. If you know the name of the person you are addressing, you can use it.

In the opening paragraph be direct and express excitement to work for the company. Also, mention if someone referred you for the position.

In the second paragraph, you can convince the employer that you are a great fit by presenting your qualifications and sustaining them with examples from the previous jobs.

In the third paragraph present what you bring to the table. What would be your contribution to the company? Try to convince the employer about your skills and about what the company will gain if they hire you.

In the closing paragraph, you can request a meeting or a call for discussing further details.

Use a formal closing. You can find advice in the mind map template. You can use a postscript to tell something impressive about yourself and your career. Think of something that would attract the employer’s attention.

Create a copy of the mind map and start working on your cover letter and pursuing your dream job.

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