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Prepare your '''Curriculum Vitae'''. Keywords: personal life, curriculum vitae, job search, resume, skills, job description, personal development, professional development

Cv format for job application

Do a little brainstorm to decide what should be included in a CV format for a job application and how to arrange the information and use this curriculum vitae mind map template.

Start by filling out your updated contact details that any recruiter will use to be in touch with you: add your name, complete address, phone number, email address and relevant social media accounts.

Next, list your educational background and outline information in reverse chronological order (most recent educational experience first). Include any pieces of training or courses relevant to the position you are applying to.

Your work experience is often favored by employers and it's one of the most important variables in your resume. Determine which experiences relate the most to your career choice and describe the details of the projects you were involved in.

The following step is to define your skills: split them into hard skills, specific knowledge, and abilities such as computer programming or web design and soft skills, which are the personality traits that characterize you.

Don't forget about your hobbies, one has got to relax in this thing called life. Optionally, include job references on request.

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