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Define a business project - proposal

Business project proposal - Whether it's a strategic or an operational project, make a thorough business plan before starting it. Clearly define your statement of work and come up with a good business case: what would be the costs, the benefits, and what is the best approach to consider.

Teamwork increases productivity, so identify the best collaborators that you can rely on, beginning with sponsors and suppliers and getting to your actual team and customer account managers, who you consider are a good fit to sustain this specific project.

Make a list of the project requirements and assess the risks and issues that may interfere with the smooth running of the project, as well as the actions you can take to diminish them.

The final step is the actual execution of the business project, which includes a timetable and the project tasks that you are considering. Last but not least, developing a communication plan can help focus your message and reach your target audience.

Where to next?

You can now Download your mind map and use it to communicate with your stakeholders.

It can then become the basis for detailed planning and scheduling.

Project Name

Enter your project name

Begin by typing your project name into the Central Topic.

Risks & Issues

Issue log

Add a project issue and grade its impact by clicking an icon below:

  1. Currently blocking progress
  2. A workaround exists, but the solution is not known
  3. The solution is known but is not implemented
  4. Temporary issue that may solve itself
Risk Log

Add a project risk and grade its impact by clicking an icon below:

  1. High probability / high severity: control is essential
  2. Low probability / high severity: control is essential
  3. High probability / low severity: control is preferable
  4. Low probability / low severity: we may accept


Add a control action for this risk

Type in a short summary of the action.

Options include:

Activities & Schedule


Type in one or more project activities.

Examples include:

Communications plan

Key communications events
Project review

Include a project review?

The project review meeting takes place once the project has been closed, and examines the processes that led to both success and failure in the project.

Add a description of the meeting goals in the Notes panel

Quality reviews

Include quality reviews?

If you have specific quality criteria to meet or have a quality regime in your organization, you may need to conduct periodic reviews to ensure that the project could pass an audit at any time.

Add a description of the meeting goals in the Notes panel

Risk and issue reviews

Include risk and issue reviews?

You should periodically review project risks and issues, to ensure that new risks are not emerging and that issues are not being left unaddressed.

Add a description of the meeting goals in the Notes panel

Stage planning

Include stage planning meetings?

If your project is large, or if you are using an Agile methodology, you may need regular planning meetings to schedule the project in stages.

Add a description of the meeting goals in the Notes panel

Kick-off meeting

Include a kick-off meeting?

The meeting ensures that the project team and key stakeholders all have the same goals, know what the main elements of the plan are, what the processes and rules are, and what part they will play.

Add a description of the meeting goals in the Notes panel

Communication & collaboration tools

Add a communication/collaboration tool.

Examples include:

Requirements management

Known exclusions

Specify an exclusion from your project.

Examples are:

Known requirements

Add a specific requirement
Prioritize them with an icon:

  1. Must have - an essential requirement
  2. Should have - preferred, but a temporary workaround would be acceptable
  3. Could have - include if easy and all the Musts and Shoulds are complete
  4. Want to have - can be left for the future
Requirements Management
Requirements management technique

Add a requirements management technique

Techniques might include:



Add other stakeholders

Think about people who:

Partners and suppliers

Add a partner or supplier. You can add their service or specialty in brackets after their name.

Project team
Team member

Add a team member

For example:


Add a user or user representative, such as:


Add a customer representative.

These might include people who:

Customer account manager
Account manager

Add an account manager


Add a project sponsor

Business Case

Strategic fit

Add a strategic reason for this project.

Key benefits
Key benefit

Type in a key benefit from this project.

Examples include:

Estimated costs

Type in an estimated cost

For example:

Statement of Work


Type in an assumption

Examples include:


Type in a project constraint

For example:


Add a key resource that your project will need.

For example:


Type in the name of a milestone for your project.

For example:

Deadline date

Enter an approximate target date for this milestone.


Type in a project deliverable

For example:

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