How to plan a training? - Mind Map

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Use this mind map to quickly prepare your training sessions and make sure you gather all the required information in one place, ensuring great training results.

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How to plan a training?

How to plan a training? Template

This training plan template will help you prepare training sessions. To have a successful training, you have to be organized.

The people who participate in training do not only remember the information transmitted but also the way you and your trainers present information to them and the overall organization.

Create a training plan every time you are organizing a training. It will help you with the preparation before starting the training and with the organization during its development.

What information to include in your employee training plan templates

Firstly, note the training schedule in the template. What are the dates and locations?

You can also write down a few of the topics that will be discussed during the training.

Project managers can create a training plan using this template.

They organize their training strategy using management templates.

Besides management templates, business owners can organize a staff training plan from time to time in order to keep them up to date with the news. This sample training plan template can also be used for organizing the induction day for employees.

The training team you will need

Hire training specialists in order to deliver effective training, like project managers or other professionals from different fields you are interested in.

Write down details about the training team in training plans templates like the name of the company they come from, the department they are working in, and their e-mail address or phone numbers.

The budget you will need

Make sure you fit your budget. You may have the money from your leaders, or you should look for sponsors.

Audience breakdown

Sort target audiences into groups, then assign a trainer for each group.Think about the training topics that are going to be covered for each target audience.

Organize a training schedule for each group. Write down in the plans templates the date, the trainer, and the special training topics for each of them.

Training materials

Training materials are items used during the training. Write down in the template all the materials you need. For example, you can use visual ads, subscriptions to a tool, manuals, handouts, etc.

Convert your word and pdf documents into creative mind maps that will help them better understand the information presented.

If you still want to present word and pdf documents, you can attach them to your mind map template.

Maybe you will also need a training curriculum. It is a total package of learning activities designed to achieve the objectives of the training program.

The training methodology deals with the methods used to design and implement training.

Evaluate and check the outcome with the employee training plan templates

The sample training plan template offers a way to evaluate the training program. Give a test to the participants to see if you have reached your goal to make them understand what you presented to them. Also, ask them to complete questionnaires.

They should give feedback to the trainers and to the training sessions so that you know what to improve next time. The trainers may have different training methods. Ask your target audiences what they liked the most.

Besides, you may want to know if the training schedule is right for them. Maybe they have different preferences like organizing training only in the weekend. Also, ask them if they would like another training program so as not to interfere with the work schedule on weekdays.

Also, you can ask your speakers to complete a survey so you know what other materials they will need, or how you can help them improve the training plans templates next time.

You can also use management templates to organize your training strategy.

Next time, based on the feedback received, make sure your training plan templates will meet all the training requirements.

Project managers use employee training plan templates to organize training and events easier and to keep track of everything they are doing in order to improve their next training.

Besides this template for organizing the training schedule, you can use other plans templates for each aspect of your business. Use the existing templates or build your own employee training plan templates.

Training Plan

This mind map will help you to easily prepare the next training session for your trainees.

Audience breakdown

Sort out the groups in need of training, then assign the trainers for each group.

Training Groups
Special training topics

Add here special training topics, if there are any.


The name of the person who will hold the presentation.

Add the date of the training.

Training Material

You can write down all the materials you need in order to complete the training here:

- visual aids
- subscription to a tool
- manuals
- handouts
- etc.


Evaluate and check outcome

In the end, you have to evaluate the training program. The test and questionnaires will help you see if the program was indeed efficient, but you also need to leave space for feedback.
This way, you can eliminate the possible flaws for the next meetings.

- keep track of test scores and reports
- surveys for learners to evaluate their speakers
- suggestions for improvements
- etc.

Feedback from participants

Write here those feedbacks which are recurring so you can see through the opinion of the majority.


Add your ideas for tests here. Eventual test questions can be written here too.


Add your ideas for questionaires here.


Usually, training budgets come from the leadership however, in some cases, you can try to look for sponsors as well.

Allowance from leaders

Training Team

Having a strong training team is very important. These speakers will ensure a good outcome.

Write down their details here; also, you can add a checkmark next to the names of people who are available for the training.


Contact info

Email address or phone number to contcat your speaker.


Add the department.


Add the company name.


Add the general training info here.
Mention the date and location; you can also write down a few of the topics that will be discussed during training.

General training topic

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