Collaborative Online Gantt Chart Software with Mind Maps

Turn mind maps into collaborative online Gantt Charts to see your tasks, their start and due dates, how they depend on one another and which milestones are coming up.

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Keep tasks simple, your team engaged, and stakeholders in the loop.



Create a plan, break it into tasks and sub-tasks, and set deadlines to start getting some outputs.


Create shareable and collaborative Gantt Charts where your project plan updates automatically and in real-time for everyone.


Gain instant insight of multiple team members handling various aspects of the project at the same time.

Plan, schedule and deliver with Gantt charts

See at a glance what has to be done and when, and get your team involved right away.

Monitor your project's progress once it's underway

Adjust the project schedule, workload, and allocation of resources to ensure project delivery.

Collaborate and get work done faster

Create project workspaces where you can collaborate with your team anytime, anywhere.

Scott Chisholm

"Hemos adoptado Mindomo para todo tipo de planificación de proyectos. Yo lo utilizo cada día. Simplemente no hay mejor manera de tener tantos pensamientos trazados y compartirlos con los miembros de nuestro equipo."

Scott Chisholm

Ingeniero en sistemas

Hannes Wallin

"Mindomo es una herramienta excelente y versátil. Lo usamos para todo, desde la planificación hasta la lluvia de ideas, desde gráficos simples hasta documentos estratégicos importantes. ¡Muy recomendable!"

Hannes Wallin

Director ejecutivo

Duncan Moss

"Probé todas las herramientas populares de mapa mental disponibles, y descubrí que Mindomo es la más fácil, la más rica en características y asequible de todas."

Duncan Moss

Consultor de marketing digital

Features not to miss when working with Gantt charts
gantt chart online software

Variety of export formats

Mindomo File, Mindomo Pack Map, Freemind, MindManager, PDF, DOCX, TXT, OPML, MPX, and XML

gantt chart online software

Mindomo Desktop sync

Gantt Charts can be created from scratch or edited from the Desktop version as well, and all local changes can be synced online

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New to Gantt Charts? Mindomo is easy to get started with and freely accessible.

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