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Through mind mapping, teachers can guide students not only to master a great variety of concepts, but to develop essential learning and thinking skills: generating new ideas, synthesizing and structuring information, problem-solving, decision-making, using evidence to support claims, accurate planning.

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90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual

mind maps for education


Train your mind to be a champion at learning new things.

mind maps for education


Use mind maps with your students for brainstorming, essay planning, summarizing books, collecting learning evidence, and more.

mind maps for education


Team students up to learn from each other, some will identify key points, others will spot the connections and generate new ideas.

mind maps for education


Easy student enrollment without email or with an access code. LTI, Google Classroom, and Office 365 integrations available.

Learn with Mind Maps

Develop essential learning and thinking skills and become a more effective learner.

mind maps for education

Understand the course material

Understand how concepts relate to one another and discover new connections and patterns.

mind maps for education

Review and memorize

Take advantage of mind maps - short words, images, and connections will improve memorization and the recall of information.

mind maps for education

Plan and write essays

Do your research and structure the essay in a mind map format, then turn the diagram into a real-time editable outline and start writing.

mind maps for education

Use evidence to support claims

Develop a claim by adding branches with the main reasons why the claim is right, then attach files, web links, images, and videos as supporting evidence.

Teach with Mind Maps

Use mind mapping in and outside the classroom to promote students' independent learning and study skills.

Easy setup of assignments

mind maps for education

Full record of students' work

mind maps for education

Quick and effective assessment

mind maps for education

Mind map assignments

Create assignments where students can work alone or in groups to create mind maps that are instantly shared with you.

History of changes

Keep track of all the changes each student makes on a diagram: added topics, new connections, uploaded images and videos, etc.

Grading student work

The grading functionality will allow you to assess students' activity and save all grades in a downloadable report.

mind maps for education

Collaborate with Mind Maps

Learning with mind maps is enhanced when it is more of a team effort rather than a solo race.

mind maps for education

Real-time collaboration

Students can collaborate on the same diagram, at the same time, and see each other's changes in real-time.

mind maps for education

Assignment feedback

Provide students with timely feedback to give them clear guidance on their performance and how to improve it.

mind maps for education

Live chat

When working from different locations, students can discuss in the chat section directly on the diagram.

mind maps for education

Easy sharing

Choose standard sharing via email or create assignments to enable instant sharing of diagrams between you and your students.


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mind maps for education
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Linda Mathew

"I enjoyed Mindomo in college and now that I'm taking a break from there I still enjoy using it. I have ADHD so it helps me organize my thoughts and focus on what I need to do. No panic attacks!"

Linda Mathew

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Daniel Viklund

"Understanding how concepts relate is an essential ability for all students. Mindomo is great because it lets students practice this ability while also collaborating."

Daniel Viklund

ICT teacher

Tzook Ohad

"From the moment I started working with Mindomo, I could see the bigger picture of my research."

Tzook Ohad

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