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'''Understand''' the implications of your '''SWOT analysis''', and identify the strategic steps that will minimize weaknesses, minimize threats, maximize strengths and maximize opportunities. Keywords: SWOT analysis, organization analysis, organization strengths, organization opportunities, organization weaknesses, organization threats, strategic planning

How to use SWOT analysis in strategic management

How to use SWOT analysis in strategic management? Begin by writing down the name of the company that is the subject of your analysis. Identify the internal strengths and weaknesses such as the people, their skills, the equipment, the brand reputation and partnerships, and the external opportunities and threats like social trends, new technologies, or strong competitors, then rank them by the significance they have for the company.

Examine and analyze the strengths and come up with a growth strategy, which allows you to reach a higher level of market control than you have at present.

Afterwards assess the strengths and compare them against the threats to find a good consolidation strategy that will help integrate all the necessary factors for the smooth running of your business.

Apply the same method with the weaknesses you identified: evaluate them against the opportunities to establish some containment strategies and review them against the threats to find survival strategies such as improving customer satisfaction.

As priorities and market trends change, you can always revisit this mind map template to modify the SWOT elements and brainstorm other strategies.

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