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This mind map is a checklist for '''planning a website'''. It helps you to identify the objectives for your site and suggests many of the things that you may need to consider. You can make notes about how you will include them in your design. Keywords: planning a website, testing website, design your website, website maintenance, project management

How to plan a website structure

Digital marketing is moving quickly so keep up! Learn how to plan a website structure using this mind map.

Brainstorm and find a name that strongly draws consumers and suggests what your business is about. Whether it's the first or the last thing you're doing, the name of your website will represent your brand and it will be the first thing that your customers will notice and remember.

Start with choosing one or multiple stakeholders and assign responsibilities. Then go on by defining your requirements: do a market research analysis and come up with a user segmentation that you will need in order to plan and create the content. Set the essential milestones for your website project and take into account A / B testing, which allows you to avoid unnecessary risks by optimizing your resources for maximum effectiveness and performance.

Once you've done all these steps, it's time to think of design and content. You will need to run keyword research, think of generic pages and features, choose the web site's style and outline the actual content. Include any reference sites that you find inspiring or not and think about how you will implement the business processes.

Implementation of a website is an essential process that needs careful planning, so identify the formats and browsers your site will support, the platforms you want to integrate it with and SLA metrics you will set up with the web site hosting company.

Lastly, pay close attention to your maintenance plan, as having a website well maintained and engaging is important to keep your customers committed and retained.

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