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The curriculum consists of a continuous chain of activities needed to transfer educational goals into concrete activities and materials. A lesson plan, for example, is a curriculum used by the teacher in the classroom.

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Curriculum planning

Curriculum planning

This curriculum planning template will help teachers to plan the educational process for a certain period of time or for the whole school year. Write down the title of the lessons, the duration, objectives, materials, structure of assignments, test subjects, and vocabulary.

Besides the fact that you will need a lesson plan, you should also prepare assignments in advance.

Tip: You can use the mind map assignments offered by Mindomo to help your students understand better some subjects. They are already created. You just have to invite your students to complete them. They can work in groups and you can see what information completed each member of the group.

Project-based learning helps students to retain information for a longer period of time and learn from practice.

Curriculum mapping helps you organize your teaching activities easier and your teaching becomes more effective for students because you will prepare your material better with teaching plan templates.

Curriculum Planning

The importance of the curriculum is that it helps teachers to plan the education process for a certain period of time.

unit 1

Depending on the timeframe you have and on the density of the teaching material, you can part your lesson in units.

Each unit will have a defined structure which you can follow in order to achieve your goals.

Summative assessment
Description of the assessment

Create a short quiz for when your students are going to complete this unit.

You can also decide if this quiz is going to be a part of the final grade.

Related reading material
Reading material

If you think that there are some other materials that might help students to elevate their knowledge, write them down.

Also, you can mark certain pages of a book to make it easier for the students to find them.

Structure of the Assignments

Description of the assignment: give details on how students should start this work and what other material they should use as inspiration.


You should write down all the specific terminology you want your students to acquire during this part of the lesson.


More and more teachers are using visual aids and other helping tools to exemplify lessons. Write down what materials you want to use.


Establish your goals and procedure. What do you want your students to achieve?

Duration of this unit

You should approximate the duration of this unit based on how difficult is this part of your lesson.

Title of lesson

Type in the title of the first unit of your lesson.


Usually, at the end of the term, there is a final assessment. This depends on you and on the school system you belong to. It can be:

Either way, you need to decide on the course of this assessment.


Calculate the material you need to prepare all the subjects and pre-order certain helping material you can note link etc


Choose one of the options below:

Multiple choiceEssayPracticalTheoryPractical+Theory
Number of students
No. of students

To have an overview, you should state your students' number.

Standards Source

Manual title

Here you should put the title of the manual you are using for your lesson.


Type in the grade or level

What grade will you teach this class to?


Type in the period

Here you should type in the timeframe of this class.

For example: 9 month course, Quarter or Trimester course, 'One School Year'

Class Name

Class title

Type in the title of your class.

For example: Intro to visual Arts

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