Mind Mapping with Mindomo

Mind mapping - not a must, but a need

Mind mapping can improve learning and memory by 10 to 15% versus conventional note-taking and studying.

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mind mapping benefits

"Mindomo ha reducido nuestro tiempo de planificación de proyectos y eventos a al menos 1/5 de lo que solía ser cuando estábamos usando aplicaciones más tradicionales."

Scott Chisholm, Ingeniero en sistemas

DATS - Digital Action Tracking System
Scott Chisholm

Get your work done with the magic of mind maps

Better plans, better results

Harness your team's creativity with mind maps and come up with the best possible plans for your company.

Brainstorm and collaborate with ease

Exchange opinions and reach a better understanding of a project by easily sharing your mind map with your team.

Work on the go

Be free, work remotely and synchronize your offline and online content.

mind mapping benefits
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#simple to filter

Plan, order, and filter your ideas with the new hashtag functionality.

mind mapping benefits

Unfold your potential with mind maps

Shed light on your best ideas

Make mind mapping the spotlight of your beliefs. Pinpoint your best ideas and turn to mind mapping to add clarity.

Unleash your creative power

Quickly generate ideas and explore various creative paths. Use the multitude of functionalities that come in handy to play with your creative potential.

Begin the journey to a more clever you

Take any difficulty as a positive challenge and come up with an action plan to find the best solution.

mind mapping benefits
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Beautiful presentations

Make your ideas shine. Show your mind map in style with our presentation feature.

mind mapping benefits

Educate today the champions of tomorrow

Be the one to make a difference

Be innovative and explore a fresh teaching perspective with mind maps. Sketch and organize the courses, encourage online and offline collaboration, prepare content, texts, teaching material and resources.

Mind mapping - the stairway to success

Development and creativity go hand in hand. Experts of tomorrow are visionaries who apply their knowledge with mind mapping to solve problems and make smart decisions.

Research and explore

Have all materials and resources in one place then start assessing facts and reach fresh conclusions on any given subject.

software mindomo
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