Outlining with Mindomo

Outline your ideas for a clear overview

Bridge the gaps and achieve a better insight by arranging your thoughts in an outline.

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"Mindomo ha reducido nuestro tiempo de planificación de proyectos y eventos a al menos 1/5 de lo que solía ser cuando estábamos usando aplicaciones más tradicionales."

Scott Chisholm, Ingeniero en sistemas

DATS - Digital Action Tracking System
Scott Chisholm

Focus on what really matters

Line up your objectives

Have your goals structured in an outline and make them more accurate and easier to accomplish.

Summarize your readings

Outline the synopsis of a book. Set up the main ideas and develop it as you go along.

Improve your research

Document a research by creating an outline with the information you gather. Arrange the notes and acquire knowledge by staying focused on your studying.

outline software
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Easy to switch

Turn your outline into a mind map and vice-versa with the touch of a button.

outline software

Go across-the-board, blueprint your ideas

Set up tasks

Keep track of your daily duties and successfully finish your projects by setting tasks and deadlines in an outline.

Develop marketing strategies

Create an outline of your clients' profile by documenting information about their needs and use it as your guide when marketing your products and services.

Outline your work material

Compress the key ideas from a meeting and keep everything folded and at hand for future sessions.

outline software
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Various Exports

Choose from a wide selection of export formats for your outline.

outline software

Outline your learning

Simplify your note-taking

Record your notes in two easy steps: design a normal mind map and turn it into an outline or create one from scratch to better capture the information.

Improve your writing skills

Start writing better essays. Create outlines to make the essay writing process easier and more organized by providing a better structure.

Get ready for challenges

Make a summary of your courses and learning material and be ready for exams.

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